Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thank you, dear friends!

Just taking a minute to mention some very special, caring friends who have been cheering us on in our new venture.

Sharon, the huge pot of daisy-like Chrysanthemums you presented to us on our opening day was just astounding and added some needed extra punch to our storefront! Thank you!

Glynnis, we thank you for the lovely, fragrant Stargazer Lilies. Their delightful scent has made the store smell absolutely heavenly and the twin pedestal tables are just the thing for our little shop! Thanks so much to Kevin and Tessa, too!

Didi, the exotic-looking ginger blossoms and birds of paradise (with the perfectly coordinating ribbon, of course!) are so gorgeously over the top, vibrant and expressive just like you! Thanks so much for everything!

Whit and Sky, thank you for your enthusiastic support and presence! We'll be calling on you, Whitney, for your professional photographic assistance in the future! And Sky, you are the best duster and cleaner we could ever hope to have in the store!

P.S. Bella, you have become too smart! Please stop opening the door and running outside to seek adventure in Union Square!

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