Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

Hard to believe that Christmas is on its way. Thanks to Jim, our trusty supplier of "things of all description" we have some really nice vintage tree ornaments hanging in our windows. They're my favorite...thin, mercury glass, some with designs imprinted in or painted on them.

Jim is a lover of funky kitschy stuff, too...hence the eclectic decor you will find when you step inside. Here are a few recent pictures, with more to follow!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A few thoughts for the day...

Our long awaited vintage clothing section is a reality. Here are some of our favorite items from Amy's store (Artifaktori, in Davis Square). We know it's not exactly PC to wear fur anymore, but some of our customers have told us that it's OK if it's vintage. Everyone seems to love the gorgeous black and white "Audrey Hepburn" dress, the red coat with black glass buttons, the cashmere coat with silver mink collar and black three quarter length sleeve jacket with fur collar. Let us know if you have any great-looking vintage pieces for consignment!

We're carrying some Albertine Press cards and assorted note's no longer necessary to travel hither and yon in search of a great card! You can get one right here in Union Square!

Our "gentlemen's department" has been moved to Glynnis's great-looking entertainment armoire! Should you know a gentleman in need of a German moustache razor, 1960s metal comb, or a rectal thermometer, send him to us!

If you're in dire need of a jar of Marshmallow Fluff and don't have the stamina to wait in the long lines at Market Basket, come see us...we're pro-Fluff!

And finally...Bella finally got a haircut. She looks years younger and pounds lighter!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Many thanks to all who came to our "Open House" last night! We hope everyone had as good a time as we did. Mimi (Mimi Graney of Union Square Main Streets) wrote a wonderful article about the store in the USMS November newsletter and mentioned it...thanks so much, Mimi! You're a great cheerleader for everyone in the Union Square business community!)

I'd intended on taking pictures of the festivities, but apparently I was having such a good time that I forgot about it completely! What a dunce! Oh, well...I'll take some pictures tomorrow and update this site so that you can see how we have rearranged the store. The "ladies' clothing boutique" is now a reality...

Thanks so much to Amy, the delightful owner of Artifaktori in Davis Square, for allowing us to fill our closet with vintage clothing from her store. For those who have not yet visited Artifaktori (on College Avenue) I suggest that you high-tail it over there! What a great full of interesting treasures from the past. Amy has a great eye (I admire her taste and high regard for so many of the esoteric items that I value) and she has a wonderful sense of humor, too! Her assistant Amanda is a doll...extremely talented and personable, too! A good time is guaranteed!

Peggy, our friend from Concord brought us the most wonderful Victorian clothing items...a couple of dressing gowns, petticoats, Christening gowns, a long-sleeved night gown and baby dress...all in white...look for them very soon! (Such great Christmas gifts!)

Sharon's friend Richard brought us a miniature printing press, portable typewriter and a wonderful book about the pleasures one could have in circa 1952 Boston! Thanks so much, Richard! They've proven to be great conversation starters!

Sandra's friend Sandy brought us a lovely bouquet of flowers and a "Good Luck" balloon that Sky comandeered immediately upon sight!

I'm glad to have met Jenn Pici who teaches yoga at the Shobu Aikido dojo on Allen Street, near Target. I've been meaning to take a yoga class for...hmmm...about 12 years, now! No more excuses, I guess!

So many, many people to mention, but I'll simply say, once more, Thanks so much, everyone, for helping us celebrate our new endeavor!

New photos will be coming along soon!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Open House on Friday, November 7

Please join us to celebrate the opening of Hope & Glory Vintage
on Friday, November 7 at anytime after 6:00PM.

We hope to see you then!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween, etc.

We'd meant to do some intensive Halloween window decor that would put Martha Stewart to shame, but didn't have time to execute our plan...drat! As you can see, our simple vintage paper cut-outs set a modestly festive mood.

I love the lines of this Taylor Smith and Taylor sugar futuristic for its time. We are lucky enough to have a service for six...sans creamer, unfortunately!

We got several more interesting things from of our favorite "suppliers"...including this birdcage. I filled it with several pieces of tall stemware that Jim included in his most recent visit. I asked a customer who had been admiring the birdcage what she would do with it? Her tentative response was, "Uh...Put a bird in it?" ...why, of course!

Thanks to Jim, our milk glass collection is growing. We're in love with it. Fortunately for us, we have several customers who are collectors, otherwise we'd be in milk glass from floor to ceiling.

We hope you enjoy these recent photos!