Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A few thoughts for the day...

Our long awaited vintage clothing section is a reality. Here are some of our favorite items from Amy's store (Artifaktori, in Davis Square). We know it's not exactly PC to wear fur anymore, but some of our customers have told us that it's OK if it's vintage. Everyone seems to love the gorgeous black and white "Audrey Hepburn" dress, the red coat with black glass buttons, the cashmere coat with silver mink collar and black three quarter length sleeve jacket with fur collar. Let us know if you have any great-looking vintage pieces for consignment!

We're carrying some Albertine Press cards and assorted note collections...it's no longer necessary to travel hither and yon in search of a great card! You can get one right here in Union Square!

Our "gentlemen's department" has been moved to Glynnis's great-looking entertainment armoire! Should you know a gentleman in need of a German moustache razor, 1960s metal comb, or a rectal thermometer, send him to us!

If you're in dire need of a jar of Marshmallow Fluff and don't have the stamina to wait in the long lines at Market Basket, come see us...we're pro-Fluff!

And finally...Bella finally got a haircut. She looks years younger and pounds lighter!

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