Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween, etc.

We'd meant to do some intensive Halloween window decor that would put Martha Stewart to shame, but didn't have time to execute our plan...drat! As you can see, our simple vintage paper cut-outs set a modestly festive mood.

I love the lines of this Taylor Smith and Taylor sugar futuristic for its time. We are lucky enough to have a service for six...sans creamer, unfortunately!

We got several more interesting things from of our favorite "suppliers"...including this birdcage. I filled it with several pieces of tall stemware that Jim included in his most recent visit. I asked a customer who had been admiring the birdcage what she would do with it? Her tentative response was, "Uh...Put a bird in it?" ...why, of course!

Thanks to Jim, our milk glass collection is growing. We're in love with it. Fortunately for us, we have several customers who are collectors, otherwise we'd be in milk glass from floor to ceiling.

We hope you enjoy these recent photos!

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