Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Work In Progress

Today we sold a number of small items...a silver plated piggy bank, a bakelite hand mirror, ten or so lovely old cocktail glasses (I'll really miss them...there's something so special about old glass!), a number of linen tea towels and a pair of Colonial-figured lamps that were made in Occupied Japan. We're still painting, revising and refining. We are forever rearranging the store and have moved so much furniture that at this point we feel as if we could easily work for a professional moving company.

I've taken a few close up shots of the very retro packaging of the C. Howard's scented chewing gum, some really beautiful vintage cosmetics that would look lovely on a dressing table...little cakes of rouge in metal compacts, lipstick in lovely metal tubes, boxes of loose's interesting to note that so many mundane items had the prettiest packaging.

Tomorrow I'll post photos of the statice and lavender trim I added to some cord that is being used to stabilize an old window as well as our most recent furniture displays...oh, yes! A photo of our newly filled window boxes will be posted, too! Thanks so much to Ricky of Ricky's Flower Market for the beautiful flowers!

See you later,

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