Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another busy Saturday at Hope & Glory Vintage...we like to start the day with a little something for our customers to enjoy while browsing in the store...cookies, cider...and my beverage of choice--dark roast coffee! Dancing Goats Blend from the Sherman gives me the buzz I need to run around for many hours! Sadly, I've had to refrain from my highly addictive scone-a-day diet! Karen, your scones are definitely the BEST to be found anywhere!

Our friend, Dorinda, came into the store this morning and assisted our anemic-looking sidewalk display by adding more and more furniture to the scene! We're grateful to her for wonderful, larger than life personality, seasoned expertise and good eye (she was the proprietor of "Home" an absolutely lovely store that was on Beacon Street, in Somerville...we miss it greatly!)

Yesterday we finally got around to filling our empty window boxes. Ricky of Ricky's Flower Market in Union Square welcomed us to the Square by kindly giving us the missing elements, namely flowers and soil! Thanks so much're a true gent!

We have a beautifully-framed old window that needed a bit of securing...Our jack of all trades, Luis, used a sturdy and functional rope to hold it in place safely. We believe in function AND beauty, however, and the unsightly rope wouldn't do! I added some lavender and purple statice (conveniently found at Ricky's!) to disguise the stark, white ugliness.

Yesterday morning we lugged in these two great-looking trunks (see photo). They need just a tiny bit of cleaning and a little paint...we'll get around to that soon...we think they'd make terrific coffee tables for a large space. Anyone got a loft?

That's today's installment. We'll be updating again soon.

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